online slots - a live mine field

If your wagon has been hitched to a downhill ride, i.e. you have been losing countless times at online slots, then you need to re focus. This comes in with a new approach, based on a different strategy. Of course we are not talking about the sort of strategy you would be expecting. We are just talking about ways to groom yourself so you can develop an uncanny sense towards online slots. This will help you win easily and your percentage of loss will decrease.

Cycles: In online or land based slots, there are no cycles. This is just a mythical approach and it's going to drive you to a dead end. By now, after so many years, if there had been ANY cycle(s), the whole slots experience would have been ruined.

Payouts: If you don't want to lose big and earn something for real, then keep your eyes open. Use them to read the payout tables in land based casinos for slot machines. In online casinos, make sure you are choosing the game whose payout works on minimal input and maximized output.

Bankroll(s): Perhaps, the most important topic of all is bankroll management. You would be part of the loser's crowd if excitements of online slot, singes off your sanity. Always make sure you are bidding on something which is in affordable range. Prior to any game of slots, make sure you have set your bankroll limit for the time session. Follow a specific plan and you will always be coming out with something in your pocket/E-Wallet.